Mount Rainer Highschool Interact is a service group of Mount Rainer Highschool Students dedicated to exchanging ideas and taking actions that help others in our school, in our community, nationally and internationally. 

We help by:

  • Administering Rotary of DM/NP's Microloan project (We select people around the world in impoverished places to loan Rotary money to.)

  • Earth-Day Clean Up

  • Assist with the Abundance Project, a program devoted to helping Mt. Rainer Students who need a hand-up with things like food and clothes. 

  • Much, much more!

We can do more!  With your ideas and help, we can together make our school, our community and the world a better place.   Our club and activities are guided by a Mount Rainer Highschool advisor and supported by the Rotary Club of Des Moines & Normandy Park, but the direction we take, energy, and actions we take; are all ours.  We are looking for ideas and help from Mt. Rainer Students looking to make a difference!


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